New York
High-Rise Social Housing

In contrast to the concept of the Great Apple we all have in mind in which luxurious high-rise buildings and skyscrapers are the basis of its architecture; we want do develop and insert the idea of how social and collaborative living can change the relationship in the city starting not only with the quarters, but with the neighbourhood itself, the housing and the relation between activities and the people.

The students are designing highrise buildings in a plot in the 1st Avenue in which the aim is adding value to the relationship between the neighbours. A huge effort is put in making a direct and clear interaction with the ground floor, origin of the activities and meeting point, and bringing it up as the building rises.

Student projects

    Group 1
    Join the net


    Group 2


    Group 3
    Buildings to change the world

    Group 4
    Life within blocks

    1ยบ Prize

    Group 5
    8 bits

    Group 6
    Pixel buildings

Collaborating firms

Robert A.M. Stern Architects
Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture
Leslie E. Robertson Associates