Neverland Workshops
is a new approach to a professional atmosphere closer to architects procedure.

An intensive two weeks experience that included different challenges in terms of design, use of new software, visits to international architecture offices and attended conferences.

International firms have been involved over the years and participants have been able to engage in reviews of current projects, visits to the offices and attended conferences.

Some collaborating firms

Foster + Partners(GB)
Zaha Hadid Architects(GB)
Robert A.M. Stern Architects(US)
Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture(US)
Leslie E. Robertson Associates(US)
Henning Larsen Architects(NL)
Neutelings Riedijk Architects(NL)
Cruz y Ortíz Arquitectos(ES)

Project description

During the 5 days workshop phase, students will be coached by different representatives of several firms that will share with them their point of view, and will help them develop skills to approach a complex design in the project.

At the end of the workshop, when the students projects are in a final phase ready to present, these representatives will be part of the a jury joining the professors and collaborators of the intensive course in a discussion and debate about architecture.

Students will receive an important support in terms of new software. Infographic tools, and structural calculation software were taught in intensive courses where the students were tutored and coached in the creation of models that helped them with the learning process.


Since 2008, different workshops have been organized having as settings cities of New York and Chicago.

After years of both being students and teachers we realized that learning is not only what we are taught each semester on various courses but collectively all we experience through our individual journeys; workshops and internships. It is a culmination of all these learning environments that the personality of designers and architects are defined and matured.

Participation requirements

Candidates with excellent grades, international experience in exchange programs, with a great passion for design, architecture, engineering and a concern about how social impact can be achieved through the arts is highly valued.

The whole group of students is selected from the Polytechnic University of Valencia School of Architecture.

Team leaders

Alejandro Tejedor Calvo
Senior Architect and founder of Tejedor Associates, has more tan 20 years of experience in the world of architecture.

Previously senior consultant architect at Gilsanz Murray Steficek LLP in New York City his wide portfolio includes every type of building including housing, religious, hospitality and services.


David Gallardo Llopis
PhD. Architect and Structural Engineering Professor at Polytechnic University of Valencia.

Principal of the firm Singular Structures, is one of the most well-known architectural engineers in Spain, contributing to the design and construction of many famous and recognized buildings or world best architects.


Javier Estevan Martinez
Architect at Ramón Esteve Estudio, previously worked at the studio of Eduardo de Miguel, and at Robert A.M. Stern Architects LLP in New York City.

His experience includes architecture studios in Germany, Spain and the USA. His areas of special interest have been social and environmental sustainable design.